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I’m thrilled to launch this Website in support of my two new historical novels, A Rooster for Asklepios and A Bull for Pluto. If you’ve not yet read them, you’ll find plenty of material in these pages to whet your appetite. If you’ve already read them, or are in the process of doing so, you’ll find lots background information here that will help to you better understand the story line and setting of the books.

I would especially encourage my readers to consult the Resources page on a regular basis as you work your way through the novels. It contains links to a series of websites where you can view images and read more about the various places mentioned in the novels, including digital reconstructions of many of the sites. The page is arranged in the order in which the narrative takes place so that you can follow the movements of the characters as you read. If you would prefer not to interrupt your reading experience, you can always come back and explore later.

In the coming weeks I will be posting information on these Commentary pages about various aspects of life in first-century A.D. Asia Minor (history, geography, cultural practices, etc.), so I would encourage you to consult this page often to learn more about the world in which the stories take place. I’ll also be posting these comments on my Facebook page for the series (https://www.facebook.com/aslavesstory/), so you can receive notices about them as they appear by liking or following that page.

As a general rule, I will be posting information in the order in which the topics appear in the novels. Since the blog system that I am using automatically places the newer posts at the top of the list, I would recommend starting at the bottom of the page and working your way to the top if you would like to read them following the order of the narrative.

Finally, feel free to use the Contact page to ask questions or offer suggestions readings anything in these books. I’ll respond as quickly as I can. Happy reading!

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