A slave without a past.  A master without a future.  A journey of discovery that will forever change the lives of both men.  The ancient world comes alive in this vivid and engaging fiction trilogy by an expert on the social and religious history of the Greco-Roman world.
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This compelling and enjoyable story offers the reader a superb ‘insider’ view of life in the first-century Greco-Roman world.  I enjoyed traipsing around Anatolia with Lucius and Marcus!”

Dr. Terence Donaldson, Academic Dean and Professor of New Testament, Wycliffe College, Canada


“The realism of this story reflects the author's deep first-hand knowledge of the landscape and culture where the narrative takes place.”

Dr. Mark Wilson, Director, Asia Minor Research Center, Antalya, Turkey


“This well-researched book really brings the Roman world to life!”

Dr. Alanna Nobbs, Professor of Ancient History, Macquarie University, Australia


“The amount of research, imagination, and effort involved in crafting this story earned my admiration, and stirred my curiosity, too.”

Dr. Mark Nanos, Lecturer in Religious Studies, University of Kansas, USA